Restaurant Owner Benjamin Berry Minnesota Discusses How Restaurants Can Revive Profits After COVID

Benjamin Berry Minnesota

May 24, 2021

Restaurant Owner Benjamin Berry Minnesota Discusses How Restaurants Can Revive Profits After COVID

Restaurant owner Benjamin Berry from Minnesota recently discussed how restaurants can embrace the new reality and thrive post-COVID.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the restaurant industry. In fact, the modern restaurant industry has never experienced a large-scale event like this. The worldwide pandemic has completely changed the way restaurants operate, and restaurateur Benjamin Berry from Minnesota recently discussed how restaurants can thrive in this new reality.


“The reality is that none of us have seen an event like this, so adaptability is the number one priority,” Benjamin Berry from Minnesota said. “Being able to adapt quickly and positively will be a driving factor for those businesses that continue to succeed after this pandemic.”


Experts suggest the restaurant industry will continue to become more digital. The COVID-19 pandemic forced restaurants to begin online ordering and touchless payment options, and this trend toward digitalizing the industry will proceed. Berry explained that restaurants must increase and improve their online presence to thrive in the years to come. This means creating more user-friendly websites, increasing social media posts, and making ordering and paying online as simple as possible.


“Fancy is not the trend right now,” Benjamin Berry from Minnesota said. “Fine dining establishments need to understand that many citizens have been struggling to pay their bills for months. They’re looking for affordable and delicious take-out options.”


Berry explained that even as dining in restaurants regains popularity, diners are expected to continue seeking more budget-friendly options. Pricier restaurants can adapt by offering specials on certain days of the week or offering several budget-friendly plate options. The restaurateur added that research shows consumers are seeking substitutes for home cooking and comfort food right now. Temporarily adjusting menus can help restaurants revive profits until former trends return.


“Now is the time to give diners a little extra incentive,” Benjamin Berry from Minnesota said. “Through this, you’ll gain loyalty that continues for years to come. They’ll return now, and they’ll return once menu prices and items have returned to normal.”


Berry suggested that drastically changing the menu may not be a possibility for every restaurant, but they can offer specials to entice diners to come back. He recommended offering strong happy hour or daily specials with aggressive pricing which can be enough to motivate customers to return. For instance, offering strong happy hour specials can help to drive customers but then most restaurants often see those guests stay through dinner and pay full price. Or offering a strong food special on a set day of the week but then making up profits on beverages. These short-term changes can result in long-term success. “I believe there is lots of pent-up demand and some diners just need that extra little nudge of seeing your new special with a creative picture and attractive price on social media to give them that incentive to come in.”


Benjamin Berry from Minnesota explained that creativity will help restaurants survive the pandemic and revive their profits afterward. Creative strategies are needed to adjust to the current desires of customers and state of the economy. Those that are able to adapt are those that will succeed.